Join us for Brain Awareness Week

A celebration of the brain.

Monday begins an annual, global, week-long campaign and celebration of the brain to increase public awareness and progress of brain research.  It’s called Brain Awareness Week and it’s sponsored by the DANA Foundation.  According to their website, “The DANA Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs.” Their programs span aging and the brain, neuroscience and the legal system, a Brain Bee competition, education of the United States Congress and the aforementioned Brain Awareness Week.

During Brain Awareness Week, DANA and the DANA Alliance for Brain Initiatives partners with numerous domestic and international professional organizations, K-12 institutions, universities, hospital and medical research groups, and law enforcement, public health and government agencies in a week-long celebration of the amazing brain. A few of the calendared activities include community wellness classes and lectures, K-12 science projects, art contests and shows, seminars in retirement communities about stroke and free memory health screenings.

CF Learning and its associated family resource site will join in the celebration by sharing a daily blog post related to brain and neuroscience.  Join us on Monday for “The Top Ten Brain Myths,” an informative article from the Smithsonian Institute about some commonly held and often shared misconceptions about our brains.

Find more information here about the DANA Foundation and Brain Awareness Week.