Effective Leadership and Supervision

  Leadership of a unit or an organization presents many challenges to the individuals in those positions. Whatever the goal or objective of the work, helping staff members understand and carry out the key elements of their assignments is the primary responsibility of the effective leader. People rise to leadership positions for a variety of[…]

Life Space Crisis Intervention

Advanced reclaiming skills for children and youth involved in self-defeating patterns of behavior. Life Space Crisis Intervention is a therapeutic strategy for using crisis situations as opportunities to help students learn alternatives to patterns of aggressive, disrespectful, or self-demeaning behavior. LSCI is being successfully used by teachers, counselors, alternative and special educators, mental health and juvenile[…]

Connecting with the Child Inside

This training is a comprehensive look at the need to meet needs rather than simply managing behavior when working with youth. The roles of youth and adult private logic and methods to connect with adult wary youth are examined. This 2-hour training includes: • The importance of meeting needs rather than simply managing behavior •[…]

Creating Spaces of Safety for Children in Care

Working with youth from difficult places occasionally includes dealing with aggressive verbal and physical behavior. This training outlines skills that may help the youth care professional be ready to provide support to youth in crisis. In this 3-hour training participants will: • Learn to identify the individual and environmental risk factors leading to aggression •[…]


Working with youth may be greatly aided by the understanding of the youth’s brain development beginning at conception. Knowledge and recognition of both positive and adverse experiences during the youth’s growth allow caregivers to structure, plan and implement targeted interventions. Included in this training: • An overview of brain structure, function and development • An[…]

Youth Abuse and Neglect- Awareness and Prevention

When working with youth and families, it is important for professionals to be aware of the physical and behavioral signs of abuse and neglect, including understanding how to correctly report suspected abuse and neglect. In this 3 hour training, participants will: • Examine the physical and behavioral indicators of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and[…]

Suicide Awareness

In this short one-hour training participants will examine the definitions for suicidal ideation, gesture and attempt and review current information regarding risk factors for suicide in youth populations. Information about how to respond to suicidal thoughts, ideations and threats in youth will also be provided. 1 hour

Satori Alternatives for Managing Aggression

Developed by Larry Hampton, Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (S.A.M.A.) is a program that focuses on preventing aggression from becoming physically harmful through the use of an Assisting Process.  The program curriculum includes information about the nature of anger and its effect on the mind and body and strategies regarding how to assist people with[…]