Three Pillars of Transforming Care: Helping Kids Who Hurt

When children act out, it can sometimes trigger unexpected reactions in adults that may be uncaring or even harmful. This workshop will review the evidence of the impact of trauma on the brain and explore the types of behaviors that are the result of pain in traumatized children. Educators and direct care givers will gain[…]

The Art of Kid Whispering

  Children’s challenging and troubling behaviors are frequently the focus of interventions rather than recognizing them as externalizations of inner pain and distress. Beyond surface management lie the keys to understanding, reaching, and teaching young people who desperately need the guiding light that a well-trained, caring adult can provide. The Art of Kid Whispering is[…]

Effective Leadership and Supervision

  Leadership of a unit or an organization presents many challenges to the individuals in those positions. Whatever the goal or objective of the work, helping staff members understand and carry out the key elements of their assignments is the primary responsibility of the effective leader. People rise to leadership positions for a variety of[…]

Life Space Crisis Intervention

Advanced reclaiming skills for children and youth involved in self-defeating patterns of behavior. Life Space Crisis Intervention is a therapeutic strategy for using crisis situations as opportunities to help students learn alternatives to patterns of aggressive, disrespectful, or self-demeaning behavior. LSCI is being successfully used by teachers, counselors, alternative and special educators, mental health and juvenile[…]

Cultures of Respect

Youth cultures are shaped by the quality of adult relationships. Classic studies in group dynamics show that young people only treat one another with respect if democratic values are modeled by those in authority. Cultures of Respect (COR) training provides strategies for leaders and youth workers who are ultimately responsible for creating prosocial climates with[…]

Satori Alternatives for Managing Aggression

Developed by Larry Hampton, Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (S.A.M.A.) is a program that focuses on preventing aggression from becoming physically harmful through the use of an Assisting Process.  The program curriculum includes information about the nature of anger and its effect on the mind and body and strategies regarding how to assist people with[…]

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