Effective Leadership and Supervision


Leadership of a unit or an organization presents many challenges to the individuals in those positions. Whatever the goal or objective of the work, helping staff members understand and carry out the key elements of their assignments is the primary responsibility of the effective leader. People rise to leadership positions for a variety of reasons that have to do with their strengths and ambitions as well as the needs of the organization for which they work. In the rise to more responsibility to lead, however, few among us receive specific preparation to be an effective supervisor, manager, or leader.

Whether in a mental health field, social service, education, or correctional setting, our work is made more significant because we are directly involved with others whose lives are complicated by challenges and troubles that keep them from being healthy and/or successful. Managing the human resources to provide the best effort we can to those with whom we work requires an understanding of the complexities of professional development and the ability to guide individual members of our staff to the highest level of competence and commitment possible.

This two-day workshop will introduce participants to an overview of the very effective approach to leadership, Situational Leadership II. The formula for confident, directed leadership will set the stage for creating a more comprehensive approach to professional development of staff in essential tasks. Participants will be guided from the overview to application in their specific settings and focus on staff they supervise.

Daily Schedule:  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact: info@cflearning.org