September 20, 2016

Three Pillars of Tranforming Care: Helping Kids Who Hurt

hkwh-180x180When children act out, it can sometimes trigger unexpected reactions in adults that may be uncaring or even harmful. This workshop will review the evidence of the impact of trauma on the brain and explore the types of behaviors that are the result of pain in traumatized children. Educators and direct care givers will gain skills to respond in ways to help bring healing and hope to the children and youth they serve.

This 2-day training provides participants with practical application in a wide range of intervention models. It is designed to empower those who do not provide direct therapy but who seek to be agents of healing and growth in the foster home, school, residential program, or community.

We can bring The Three Pillars of Transforming CareĀ onsite to your organization or join us June 14-15, 2017, in Westerville, Ohio.

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