January 4, 2017

The Resilient Brain

Exciting new research shows how resilience can enable youth to surmount adversity and trauma. Resilience was once thought to be a trait of a few invulnerable persons. However, recent studies show all children are born resilient which is a natural process of the adaptive human brain. Further, genes are not destiny since neuroplasticity enables youth to learn new ways to cope with challenge and succeed in school and life. This course introduces six brain-based “growth needs” that are essential for young people to thrive, and identifies practical strategies to strengthen resilience in all children and youth.

Participants in this one-day workshop will be able to apply principles and methods for building resilience in children, families, schools, and communities. The research foundation for this training is reviewed in Deep Brain Learning: Evidence Based Essentials in Education, Treatment, and Youth Development (Brendtro & Mitchell, 2015).

* The ABC’s of the Resilient Brain

* Adversity, Trauma, and Thriving

* Environments that Build Resilience

* Strategies to Transform Young Lives

Contact: info@cflearning.org