January 4, 2017

Planning Restorative Outcomes

Planning Restorative Outcomes: Transforming Assessment (PRO) provides a new alternative to traditional deficit based assessments. It engages young persons in conflict in the process of solving problems and finding solutions. The PRO assessment is grounded in resilience science, neuroscience, and ecological research on positive youth development. All children need support with six critical drives embodied in the Model of Leadership and Service, Safety, Belonging, Achievement, Power, Purpose and Adventure. When these drives are blocked, the youth is at risk. By addressing these inherent drives through interaction with caring, competent adults, a young person is able to take pathways to responsibility. The PRO assessment can be applied to a wide range of settings including regular and special education, juvenile justice, and prevention and treatment programs. The PRO assessment is particularly useful for students with chronic or serious problems that put them at risk for removal from school or placement in restrictive settings.

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