The Art of Kid Whispering


Children’s challenging and troubling behaviors are frequently the focus of interventions rather than recognizing them as externalizations of inner pain and distress. Beyond surface management lie the keys to understanding, reaching, and teaching young people who desperately need the guiding light that a well-trained, caring adult can provide. The Art of Kid Whispering is the pathway to discovering the inside kid. Learning and practicing listening and decoding skills are essential to understanding the private logic and goals that underlie a young person’s difficult or self-defeating behavior.

Participants in this 2-day training will examine the impact of trauma and disappointment on our youth. Defiant youth outwit adults with strategies of fight, flight, and fool. The presenter will describe how to understand the private logic of adult-wary youth, thus helping participants to decode their troubling behavior and begin replacing hostile, resistant encounters with respectful alliances.


Graduate credit in psychology or special education is available through Augustana University. A syllabus is available here.



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