Cultures of Respect

Youth cultures are shaped by the quality of adult relationships. Classic studies in group dynamics show that young people only treat one another with respect if democratic values are modeled by those in authority. Cultures of Respect (COR) training provides strategies for leaders and youth workers who are ultimately responsible for creating prosocial climates with and among youth.

Cultures of Respect blends organizational development, ecological, and positive psychology to create positive cultures in schools and youth organizations for students and staff alike. Participants will learn about the core elements of the organizational DNA necessary to create cultures that support positive youth development.  COR also integrates and expands on the evidence base for Positive Peer Culture collected over the last five decades. This includes developing skills to understand group dynamics and facilitating group processes that promote caring, helping, and empowerment.

This two-day training blends lecture, video, practice exercises, and deep dialogue to enhance participants’ knowledge and competencies to build a culture of respect in their organizations.

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Optional university credit in psychology or special education is available through Augustana University.
A syllabus is available here.

We can bring a trainer to you, or join us at an upcoming seminar event.


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